Hearts Burn For Many Reasons-Video

New Single out november 20th!


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Lyrics written by Andreas Lechner, composed by Andreas Lechner, Daniel Pepl
Produced by Daniel Pepl, published by Fullmax Publishing, 2020
Recorded by Florian Jauker, Audiomanufaktur, 2020
Mixed & mastered by Ignacy Gruszecki, Monochrom Studio, 2020

Cover Art & Photography: Manulli / www.her-name-is-manulli.com 

"Hearts Burn For Many Reasons" is the upcoming single of Vienna-based songwriter «the ghost & the machine» and is a collaboration with Viennese pop-electronic producer Daniel Pepl a.k.a «fullmax». The track was written within the first COVID-Lockdown and transmits not only the feeling of loneliness and isolation, but also the «burning in the chest» you experience when in love or when making the clear decision not to give up. "I wanted to create a tune that sounds like Billie Eilish on a roadtrip through the Grand Canyon", says Andi Lechner, mastermind of «the ghost & the machine». This is achieved by mixing metal body resonator guitar sounds from the 30ies with the minimalistic electronic beats of «fullmax», that merge into a soundscape never heard before. The poetic vocals, occasionally enriched with vocoder effects, resound sometimes in the stoic fashion of Lou Reed, sometimes in a harsh falsetto heard in soul music from the 60ies.

As Lechner remembers, he was inspired for this track by a quote of the late great David Bowie: "As an artist you have to wade into the water 'till it's up to your neck - and then take one more step further."

Single "Slow Skies" out now!







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the ghost and the machine-andi lechner-heidi fial-matthias macht-noise appeal records-red rain tires-raffaela schöbitz

the ghost and the machine heidi fial andi lechner matthias macht karin hackl

the ghost and the machine

Resonatorguitars, Vocals // Andi Lechner


Bass, Vocals // Valentin Eybl


Drums // Matthias Macht

In the spring of 2016 THE GHOST AND THE MACHINE introduced themselves impressively with der self-titled debut album, with their  new album RED RAIN TIRES they're reaching for the stars.


The metalic overtones of the resonatorguitar encounter hypnotic bass lines, as well as overflowingly drums.


Andi Lechner, Valentin Eybl and Matthias Macht have found an built up their very own "wall of sound". Developed from blues-and-beyond-area of music, ghost and machine are mocking against every genre-related pigeonhole. Rough and ready, from intimate to unleashed and honest in every progrssion - a breathing sound.


A roadmovie through shady dreamscapes and dives with yellow patina. When the abstract is ready to hand, ghost and machine are cononant with each other: on sound carrier and - increasingly - at one of their energetic live shows. (Mario Lang)




"The new album RED RAIN TIRES is full of weird but yet precise sonic landscapes and still in constant touch with the rough spirit of long-forgotten work songs."


That cut surface is the stomping ground of The Ghost And The Machine's new album, which was released in september 2018 on NOISE APPEAL RECORDS.

the ghost and the machine heidi fial andi lechner matthias macht noise appeal records
the ghost and the machine heidi fial andi lechner matthias macht noise appeal records