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"The new album RED RAIN TIRES is full of weird but yet precise sonic landscapes and still in constant touch with the rough spirit of long-forgotten work songs."


"Das neue Album RED RAIN TIRES is voller eigensinniger, doch präziser musikalischer Landschaften, stets begleitet vom rohen Geist lang vergessener Work-Songs."






"The Song CAROLINE takes you on a roadtrip through the obscure inner life of a fictious woman, who eventually finds her empathic skills on the playground of a sonic experience. A slightly psychodelic, surrealistic but still understandable song about lost emotions."


"Der Song CAROLINE nimmt dich mit auf einen Roadtrip durch das finstere Innenleben einer vorerst undurchschaubaren Frau, die letztendlich ihre empathischen Fähigkeiten am Spielplatz einer musikalischen Erfahrung findet. Ein merkwürdiger, psychodelischer Song über verlorene Emotionen."




Andi about his songwriting:


"There are no pictures in nature. A picture is peculiar to human beings, the ordinary content of the mind is abstract, amorphous and vague. That cut surface is the stomping ground of my songwriting."



"In der Natur gibt es keine Bilder. Bilder sind dem Menschen eigen, der gewöhnliche Inhalt des Geistes ist jedoch abstrakt, formlos und vage. Genau diese Schnittstelle ist der Nährboden für meinen Zugang zum songwriting."




Others about RED RAIN TIRES:


"This is a surprisingly accessible, engaging and enjoyable album even if it will not quite fit comfortably into many people's pigeonholes. It is one i will return regularly simply because it is different and yet still embodies blues and rock. Thanks to crystal clear production you can hear every single note on every instrument, which adds to the enjoyment." (RAMzine UK)


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